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CA Ankit Jain
Managing Partner

Ankit Jain, a distinguished member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, is the visionary founder and Managing Partner of Jain Ankit and Co., Chartered Accountants, established in 2015. With over 12 years of extensive experience, Ankit has mastered nearly every aspect of the accounting, auditing, and consulting profession. His leadership and expertise continue to drive the firm’s success and growth.

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His Story

Ankit Jain distinguished himself early in his career by clearing his Chartered Accountancy in 2014, achieving the highest marks in both the CA Intermediate and Final Exams in Dehradun. His remarkable academic performance led to his recruitment through campus placement, and he subsequently spent over a year working in the corporate division of a leading telecom company in the New Delhi NCR region.

With a career spanning over 12 years, Ankit has developed deep expertise in Internal Audits, and Direct and Indirect Taxation, particularly for large and medium-sized enterprises in and around Dehradun. His extensive experience and knowledge have made him a valuable asset in these fields, allowing him to provide insightful and effective solutions to his clients.


Ankit adopts a technical and professional approach, steering the firm's growth through the complexities of the global business environment. His innovative spirit and creative thinking have been crucial in designing, conceptualizing, and implementing a robust technical infrastructure, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), quality control standards, and internal control processes within the firm.


In addition to his professional achievements, Ankit is an elected council member of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and has been recognized with numerous prestigious awards, including the "Jewel of India" Award in financial consultancy. His dedication and passion for finance drive his commitment to propelling JAC to new heights.

Ankit’s blend of technical expertise, innovative mindset, and professional dedication ensures that he continues to play a pivotal role in the firm’s success and growth.


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