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JAC, as a mid-sized firm, offers a diverse exposure as well as experience of working in an corporate environment at par with some of the largest firms of the country.

At JAC, we reward our articles and looks forward in retaining them as future employees with us. Articles interested in moving out are helped to secure placements with clients through the firms extensive contact base.

Check out below some of the unique initiatives taken by JAC for students undergoing articleship with us


Stipend to the articles is paid  much higher than the rates prescribed by ICAI. The stipend scale is 6500-8000-10000 for a 3 year term.

HR Department 

Induction and orientation programme is designed with an objective to equip new articles with effective communication and presentation skills and to inculcate integrity and independence.

Exam Leaves

Leaves are granted liberally for examinations, and consideration is given to deserving articles for a leave even higher than what is available to their credit.


We appreciate talent, both in profession and personality, and recognizes them formally at regular intervals by their respective team leads.

Regular Seminars

Weekly Seminars and Workshops are held to update the knowledge of the article on areas such as direct tax, indirect tax, corporate laws, audit and assurance etc. 

All Round Exposure

The articles are geared up to have one-on-one correspondence with clients, both domestic and international, along with a variety of  opportunities on diverse work areas.

Application for Articleship

Our HR Department will contact you after you submit your application

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